Alex Wilder (Marvel’s Runaways): INTP

Dominant Introverted Thinking [Ti]: Although Alex doesn’t have any superpowers, he is able to act as the group’s de facto leader because of his ability to make rational, detached decisions and keep a clear head in high stress situations. He tries to keep the group’s priorities in order and is more concerned with the mission of the moment than with everyone’s interpersonal drama. “Look guys, there’s an easier way to get to the bottom of this. We do some P.I. work and let cooler heads prevail.” Alex is their chief strategist, and he makes the majority of their tactical decisions. He is extremely logical and is skilled when it comes to generating solutions to the group’s various problems. Alex is incredibly intelligent, good with systems, and has a broad understanding of technology. His proficiency with computers is yet another attribute that regularly helps the Runaways on their missions. After Alex and the others discover what their parents are up to, Alex thinks quickly on his feet and cuts the power in order for them to evade suspicion (“I was covering the flash. Maybe it’ll seem like a circuit blew.”) Alex believes in science. The staff can’t be magic. However, when he shuts down Nico’s belief that the staff is powered by something supernatural, he does so in a soft, considerate manner (“With all due respect to your Wiccan beliefs…”) When Gert suggests that their team should have a nickname, Alex immediately suggests the “Runaways,” as a nod to all of the kids they were unable to save.

Auxiliary Extroverted Intuition [Ne]: Alex is very good at brainstorming, and his numerous thoughts and ideas are filtered by his Ti, which quickly and easily determines his best course of action in any given situation. Alex’s intuition is extraordinary and he is very good at making connections and piecing things together, which is yet another reason he tends to take on the role of group leader. The group primarily acts on his theories and hunches, and they all trust him to arrive at the correct conclusions. Alex can generate ideas in the moment, and his quick, creative thinking not only keeps them out of trouble (cutting the power to make their parents think the flash from Molly’s phone was just a blown circuit), but also comes up with the majority of the plans for their various missions, whether it’s a hunt for information or a search for evidence.

Tertiary Introverted Sensing [Si]: The past weighs pretty heavily on Alex. While the rest of the group appears to have moved on with their lives, it is Alex who takes the first step in reuniting his old friends and trying to recapture the close bond they once shared. When Alex first attempts to get the group back together, he tries to spin their current dislike of one another into nostalgia (“Classic Gert, you see? This kind of delightful banter is why I think we should all get together and hang out at my place tonight.)” He even tries to suggest that they all play Twister, because that’s what they used to play. After trying to convince them didn’t work, Alex made one more sentimental play to get them to come over – texting each of them a photo of them all from when they were all still close. Alex regularly references things he’s seen or heard before, and frequently makes comparisons between what’s currently happening and the things he’s previously viewed or read (“This is some Narnia shit”). It’s difficult for him to play a particular game, and his father even comments on how long it is since he’s played it, because that’s what he used to play with Amy.

Inferior Extroverted Feeling [Fe]: Because Alex is so good at setting aside his feelings and remaining focused on the big picture, he can sometimes seem a bit cold or unfeeling. When Karolina sacrifices herself for the sake of the group, it is Alex who insists they must forge ahead without her, even though Nico is appalled by the idea of leaving her behind. It is also Alex who tells Gert that she must send Old Lace away in order for them to safely escape. Although he prefers to make decisions based on logic rather than emotion, he does feel very deeply, especially for Nico. Sure, he misses his friends and the way things used to be, but his main reason for getting the band back together was for her. Even though Alex witnessed his father participating in Destiny’s murder, he still shoots a kid in order to protect him, but immediately beats himself up over it. Andre was just an innocent kid following orders – was his father worth shooting him over? After Amy’s death, Alex mostly keeps to himself and doesn’t socialize much. He spends most of his time alone, much to the concern of his parents. Even though he does want things to go back to the way they used to be, it takes him a long time to be able to make the first move to get the group back together. Once he finally gets them all to come to his house, he tries very hard to make sure everyone enjoys themselves (“Yeah, if you guys don’t like veggie, there’s a pepperoni at the bottom. There’s a sausage under, and a pineapple, too. Or board games. Ooh, yes, Twister! Remember that we would always – ?”) On rare occasions, Alex’s emotions do take control. He becomes hellbent on rescuing Andre, because he feels guilty for shooting him in order to protect his father, and takes the group on a quest to save him. There’s no time for them to all sit and process their own emotions about what’s going on – they need to make sure no more kids get killed because of their parents.

Enneagram: 5w6 1w9 2w1 Sp/So

Abe Weissman (The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel): ISTJ

Dominant Introverted Sensing [Si]: Abe is a creature of habit. He has his routine and greatly resents having it disrupted. He always reads in this room after dinner, so Ethan cannot have the television on in there! The thought of reading in a different room is simply absurd to him. Abe doesn’t enjoy compromising and wants things to be exactly as he’s used to. “This is how I live my life” and that’s that. He refuses to get a second television to put in Midge’s room because he’s not the sort of man who has two TVs. Abe is big on making comparisons. When he was Ethan’s age, he could re-sole a shoe. Abe is extremely traditional and the thought of Midge and Joel separating is simply unacceptable. She’ll just have to figure out a way to win him back. They can’t possibly get divorced. Abe uses things he’s seen or heard in the past in oder to handle situations in the present. If this way of completing a task worked in that situation, we can easily just apply it again now and get the same results.

Auxiliary Extroverted Thinking [Te]: It’s important for Abe to be efficient and pragmatic. He’s unable to sit back and watch people do things the wrong way when he knows the quickest and easiest way of accomplishing a task. When he overhears Midge and Imogene struggling to put together the gift bags for the birthday party, he steps in and shows them how to do things the right way. “Set up a line like Henry Ford. Then pass the bags from one to the other. Candy cigarettes, pass the bag, silly putty, pass the bag, and so on.” Asserting his dominance as the head of the household and being the boss are crucial for Abe. He sets the rules. It’s his show and everyone else would do well to remember that! “I still control this house. I’m just doing it from in here.” When Abe believes that there’s no change of Midge and Joel getting back together, he takes the most logical action: inviting an acquaintance (who happens to be a divorce lawyer) over for dinner…

Tertiary Introverted Feeling [Fi]: … However, because Abe prefers to do instead of discuss, Rose and Midge are appalled that he had the nerve to go out and do a thing like that without consulting them first. Abe is pretty reserved emotionally and doesn’t really express his feelings. On the rare occasions that he does, he tends to demonstrate them through actions rather than words. When Rose guilts him because he hasn’t done anything to help Midge, he tries to help in a practical way as opposed to offering emotional support. He goes to Moishe and convinces him to split the cost of Midge and Joel’s apartment with him, so that their home will be waiting if and when they reconcile. Abe values marriage, and wants Midge to do whatever it takes to get Joel to come home, even though he was the one having the affair and he was the one who walked out on her when she had done nothing wrong. At times, Abe can be fiercely protective of the people he loves

Inferior Extroverted Intuition [Ne]: Opening himself up to new things and dealing with change aren’t exactly Abe’s strong suits. He prefers what he’s familiar with. Unpredictability and disruptions in his usual schedule are stressful. He’s not very open to other people’s point of view because he tends to have trouble seeing beyond his own subjective impressions of people and situations. Abe is rather close-minded and tends to feel that he knows best without bothering to be objective and hear other people out. Although he isn’t very open to listening to those he disagrees with he is able to come around eventually, and even becomes willing to support Midge by setting up the meeting with the divorce lawyer so she can begin to move on with her life.

Enneagram: 6w5 8w9 3w2 Sp/So

Miriam “Midge” Maisel (The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel): ESFJ

Dominant Extroverted Feeling [Fe]: Midge is great with people. She’s personable, charming, and charismatic. She doesn’t set out to become a comedian. Rather, she takes the stage of the Gaslight to vent about her feelings. Her husband just left her, so she just starts talking to a room full of strangers about it. Midge is comfortable in the spotlight and has no problems being the center of attention. People are drawn to her everywhere she goes, and she’s always able to keep an audience captivated. Midge has no interest in becoming a comedienne until Susie notices her natural talent and tries to talk her into pursuing a career in comedy. Midge is very good at feeling a room, and she is instinctively able to adjust her jokes in order to adapt to her audience. Midge is emotional, and wants Susie to learn how to comfort her. She wants Susie to lie and say she’s good, even when she isn’t! She needs Susie to let her cry and talk about her feelings when she has to. She desires a friendship with Susie, not just a professional relationship. Although she can get caught up in her emotions, Midge is also very good at putting on a good face for the sake of other people. Even though she’s angry with Joel, she’s able to put aside her feelings for the sake of the family, and is even able to be cordial towards him at dinner the day after he leaves her. Midge is extremely supportive of her husband. She wants to make others as comfortable as she can, and knows how to put people at ease.

Auxiliary Introverted Sensing [Si]: A sense of familiarity and stability is important to Midge. After marrying Joel, she doesn’t want to move too far from home. In fact, she gets an apartment in the same building she grew up in, just above her parents. She’s reluctant to perform in venues other than the Gaslight, because she likes it there. “It feels like home.” Midge craves the traditional things in life. She wanted to go to college, meet a man, get married, and have a nice home. Midge is highly attentive to detail. When Joel performs, she carries around a book to take notes in, and logs everything. When she begins her comedy career, she makes a point of gathering as much information as she can in order to improve her own act. She watches other comedians perform, and writes down what about their act she’d like to incorporate into her own. Midge favors methods that are proven to work. If this works for that comedian, it will surely work for her as well!

Tertiary Extroverted Intuition [Ne]: Although Midge can be a little uneasy about breaking out of her comfort zone, she is usually willing to after some prodding. And when she does, she typically shines. Midge is easily able to improvise, and delivers entire sets, which are often inspired by her personal life and experiences (Fe-Si-Ne) on the fly. Midge is very good at making connections, which is very useful in her standup routines. She’s able to make comparisons and create metaphors off the top of her head. Midge is able to throw herself right into new atmospheres and experiences, and, while it may sometimes be difficult for her at first, she is able to adapt to change quickly. In a very short period of time, Midge loses her husband, her home, and has to start working, which she’s never done before, and she not only survives, she thrives. When it comes to her comedy, Midge has a flair for spontaneity, and she’s not above switching gears in the middle of a set to take her routine in an entirely new direction.

Inferior Introverted Thinking [Ti]: It’s nearly impossible for Midge to detach from her emotions. But that usually works in her favor, since she incorporates them into her sets. She can’t put her feelings aside. If Susie wants to be her manager, she has to manage all of her. Not just Midge, the comedienne, but Midge, the human being. Midge can be analytical about things, and her assessments about situations she finds herself in are often utilized in her routines. She has a quick mind and a very sharp wit, and has a knack for playful banter. Midge enjoys having debates, and likes engaging in conversations with her father where their opinions differ, which her mother chastizes her for. Sometimes, it’s difficult for Midge to look at things with objectivity and rationality. When she bombs, she blames the audience and is initially unable to see that the problem was her, not them. It’s difficult for Midge to handle choking, and briefly contemplates quitting altogether when she’s unable to deal with the heckling.

Enneagram: 2w3 7w6 8w7 So/Sx

With Apologies…

Happy New Year, everyone! As you may have noticed, I’ve been absent from Tumblr recently. I’d just like to take a moment to apologize for that. I’ve been having several health issues over the last couple of months, and a lot of things really got away from me. However, I haven’t forgotten the blog, and I’m ready to get back to work.

I’m sorry that I haven’t gotten around to the requests in my inbox yet. While I’m still recovering, I’ll mostly be working on typings for characters I already have notes on, as opposed to characters that would require me to watch/rewatch something and take new notes. I’ll get around to them eventually, though! 

Here’s a little list of the characters I’m currently working on posts for:

– Chase Stein & Karolina Dean (Marvel’s Runaways)

– Miriam “Midge” Maisel, Rose Weissman, Abe Weissman (The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel)

– Eleanor Shellstrop & Michael (The Good Place)

– Queen Elizabeth II & Princess Margaret (The Crown)

– Betty Cooper (Riverdale)

– Dustin Henderson (Stranger Things)

I’m really looking forward to finishing those up. I’m hoping to get a post or two up later tonight, but if not, I should definitely have something ready for tomorrow! Thanks for your patience and I’m sorry again for the delay. 

– Sheyla


Can you type the characters from Mr robot please?

Unfortunately, I’ve never actually watched it. I’m currently behind on a lot of typings, but I’ll definitely try to watch some episodes and give it a shot when I have time! 


The !!! Functions !!! Don’t !!! Work !!! Separated !!! Like !!! That !!!

I’m not really sure what your obsession is with how I run MY blog.

In many of my typings, I do explain how the functions interact with one another. But if the way I do things bothers you, I suggest you simply stop reading my posts and spare yourself the frustration. I’m not going to change the entire format of my blog because ONE very rude anonymous person tells me that’s what I should do. You can give constructive criticism, but it’s completely unnecessary to be so nasty about it. 

Charlie Bradbury (Supernatural): ENTP

Dominant Extroverted Intuition [Ne]: Charlie is all about possibilities and ideas. She enjoys the fantastical, the novel, and anything different. Charlie has a tremendous amount of energy and tends to speak quickly, with one thought flowing into the next. She has a strong sense of adventure an and, more than anything, yearns for a quest. Charlie is extremely intuitive and she’s very good at reading between the lines and picking up on what’s really going on in most situations. Charlie enjoys LARPing because it gives her a break from regular, mundane reality. “It’s an escape. I mean, here, I’m queen, a hero. Out there in the real world, I’m just hacking out code and chugging coffee all day long.” Because her brain works so quickly, Charlie is typically good at improvising and can keep people talking or distract them when necessary.

Auxiliary Introverted Thinking [Ti]: When Charlie is interested in something, she wants to acquire as much knowledge about it as she possibly can. She’s like a sponge, absorbing every bit of information she can get her hands on until she’s an expert. Although she’s a high school dropout, she has one of the sharpest minds at Roman Inc. Sam and Dean are impressed by the amount of research she has done to become a hunter. Charlie is extremely analytical and is very quick to determine logical inconsistencies, which also aid her in hunting. She can easily assess which theories and explanations are valid and which are impossible. Charlie is incredibly gifted with computers. She can figure out systems and machines very quickly, making her an asset to the Winchesters on numerous occasions. Charlie seeks to understand and wants to know how and why things work.

Tertiary Extroverted Feeling [Fe]: While she can be a bit socially awkward, Charlie genuinely cares about people and wants to help them. Even though it’s dangerous, she can’t just abandon Moondoor. She’s their queen and she has to stay and fight for her home and her people. Charlie is extremely empathetic, and is very in tune with the emotions of the people around her. She always picks up on what’s going on between Sam and Dean, and tries to get them to talk to her about what’s going on and how they’re feeling. Charlie typically tries to do the right thing in most situations, though her issues with authority cause her to frequently break the law. When she discovered that the company she was working for was outsourcing to child labor, she outed them, which resulted in her being fired. Charlie is able to use her intuition (Ne) to make fairly accurate assumptions about what’s going on between people (Fe). “And let me guess, in doing so, he did something you didn’t want, and that pissed you off. And you said something that hurt him?”

Inferior Introverted Sensing [Si]: Charlie prefers to focus on the future always wants to move forward. She doesn’t like to talk about her past, and is relatively okay with assuming new identities and leaving things behind. However, she does have difficulty letting go at times. Even though her mother’s condition will never improve, Charlie refuses to take her off of life support, and acquires the money to pay for it by any means necessary. When she can, Charlie sneaks into the hospital and reads her the same books she read as a child. She often makes references, as she is very quick to pick up on similarities between what she’s currently experiencing, and things she has read, watched, or heard in the past, which aid in her sense of humor. She has a habit of quoting movies (often, at very serious or dangerous moments), because she’s “always wanted to say that.” Charlie struggles to respect authority and doesn’t like to play by the rules, which often lands her in hot water.

Enneagram: 7w6 9w1 2w1 Sx/So