Can you type Elena and Stefan from The Vampire Diaries please?

I’m going to answer this one publicly as well because I received an ask for Elena once before, so I’m just gonna put this all out there. I’ll start by saying that I’ve always planned on typing them. The problem is (and this might be a controversial statement), I don’t think they’re very well-written. Elena more so than Stefan. I actually did a post (entitled “Main Character Syndrome”) that you can search for if you’re interested. In it, I wrote about Elena and why I believe she’s so difficult to type. Her character is inconsistent, and I feel that many typings for only account for a certain part of her personality, while neglecting other aspects of who she is in order to make the type fit. I use the word “personality” loosely, because I believe the writers were very lazy with her, defining her more by the things that happen to her than who she actually is as a person. She always felt more like a prop to me than an actual character. I’m quite certain she has high Si, though. 

As for Stefan, I think he’s an ISFJ, but I’ve also toyed with the possibility of him being an INFP stuck in a loop (there isn’t a lot of Ne there). I find the other characters to be much more clearly defined, but Stefan and Elena’s personalities sort of change to service whatever storyline the writers throw at us. 

I’m sorry I couldn’t be more helpful. I just don’t like to declare a character a certain type unless I’m certain. I’ll try to re-watch some episodes and see if I have an epiphany, though. 

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