MBTI and Enneagram Correlation Survey


Alright so awhile back I was the author of this survey and frankly I’m bored now so time to try another one! Yay!

Please reblog this with your enneagram tritype and variant, your MBTI type, and a percentage indicating how sure you are of these types. For everyone who does this, I’ll check out your blog and maybe follow you!

An example would be: ISTJ 1w2 3w4 5w4 so/sx, 75% sure

When I get enough data (I’m looking for at least over a hundred, hoping for closer to 500 but idk) I’m going to post the results! Thanks so much for helping me out!

ENTP 7w6 4w3 8w9 Sx/So, 100% on MBTI, 75% on Enneagram

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